Renewal of Wells at Baltrum Water Works

Water supply of the North Sea Island Baltrum is via a pipeline system from the main land and five wells are provided for emergency cases. The wells were established in 1960 and have brick shutoff structures. While the inspection of the buildings showed the proper function of the wells, there has been a complaint about the brick structures from the hygienic and constructional view. Repair of the old buildings rejected for cost reasons.

Four different options were available for renewal of the buildings. Taking into account the factors

  • economical efficiency
  • technical reliability
  • age of the wells
  • re-usability in case of irreparable failure of one of the old wells
    it was decided to replace the buildings by new pre-fabricated stainless steel manholes. HUBER turned out to be the most inexpensive bidder of the tendering procedure.

Nothing was found to be claimed during the final inspection test in the HUBER factory before dispatch. Another positive aspect shall be mentioned here: requests for minor alterations of the supply volume after order placement were accepted fast and unbureaucratically.

Delivery on schedule allowed the inexpensive installation using the favourable weather.
by Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Weihe, Oldenburgisch - Ostfriesischer Wasserverband, Brake