Sludge Dewatering in a UK Creamery: A case study at Premier Food Ambrosia Creamery, Lifton / UK

ROTAMAT® RoS3 industrial trial unit at the effluent plant of Premier Foods Ltd., Lifton
ROTAMAT® RoS3.2 industrial trial unit at the effluent plant of Premier Foods Ltd., Lifton
Cake from RoS3I trial unit
Cake from RoS3.2 (industrial version) trial unit
New ROTAMAT® Screw Press RoS3Q in workshop
The cake from the Screwpress is consistently drier
The cake from the Screw Press is consistently drier

The effluent plant at Premier Food Ambrosia creamery, Lifton, Devon generates sludges from 2 humus tanks, a DAF plant and surplus activated sludge from the activated sludge process.

The sludge’s were pumped to a belt press which was requiring a lot of attention so it was decided to trial the HUBER ROTAMAT® Screw Press unit type RoS3.2 (industrial version) in 2012.

The trial unit comes complete with feed pump, flowmeters, polymer dosing equipment, discharge conveyor and all controls. All equipment is mounted in a 30 foot container to make trials easy to set up and run.

Mixing sludges was a problem during the trials and polymer dosing rates were difficult to define. The dry solids varied from 0.28 % to 5.46% DS. A daily sludge rate of 57m³/day was established with an estimated 50% DAF sludge and 50% biological sludge. The trial work was conducted with the HUBER ROTAMAT® RoS3.2 unit but due to the biological fine solids the type RoS3Q was chosen as this handles biological sludges better.

The output cake from the belt press was 9.55% DS and the trial gave 10.8% DS but it was felt with mixing a better result could be achieved with a screwpress.

The ROTAMAT® RoS3Q-440 was selected for the duty and HUBER checked that the existing building could be utilized. The existing conveyor and polymer make up was also to be used. HUBER advised on the installation layout to use the existing building and were selected in November 2014 to supply a new screw press with controls which also included the conveyor and polymer dosing controls. The plant was commissioned in July 2015 and has given very good results saving Premier Foods in disposal costs.

The Utilities Engineering Manager at Lifton Mr. Phil Dawes stated:
The press is working extremely well on the initial effluent stream and we will be looking to include further waste streams going forward to further reduce costs.
Huber were very helpful in the initial discussions and through the trial process.


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