"Water Future of the Altmühl-Jura Region": successful round table of the Altmühl-Jura Regional Management at HUBER

On Thursday, 17 November, the HUBER Forum at the company's headquarters in Berching-Erasbach hosted a round table of the Altmühl-Jura Regional Management on the topic of “Water Future of the Altmühl- Jura Region”. After informative presentations on the future of water and the effects of climate change in the regions of Upper Palatinate and Southern Franconian Alps, a presentation of the HUBER company and subsequent networking discussions, the approximately 50 guests took part in a plant tour.

Speakers and organisators of the round table "Water Future of the Altmühl-Jura Region"

  • Altmühl-Jura KlimaFit project aims to raise awareness for water and climate
  • Round table with lectures on water and climate, networking talks, and company presentation and tour at HUBER SE
  • Dr. Johann Grienberger (Chief Technology Officer): ”water one of the crucial future issues for mankind”

The worldwide climate change has long been felt in the Altmühl-Jura region, which is why measures are planned in the newly launched Altmühl-Jura KlimaFit project to create and promote awareness of the climate issue among the population. On the other hand, platforms are to be offered to discuss the need for action and to work out solutions with experts in the field. As a company based in the municipality of Berching, HUBER provided the platform for the round table on the future of water in the region.

Dr Johann Grienberger (Chief Technology Officer): ”water one of the crucial topics for the future”

Dr Johann Grienberger, HUBER's Chief Technology Officer, who is responsible for sustainability and environmental protection, among other things, gave a presentation on the company and emphasised the importance of water and sustainability: ”Water is one of the crucial future issues for mankind. As a continuously growing and globally active company, we will of course continue to make our contribution in the field of water and wastewater treatment and the treatment of sewage sludge. According to our motto: ’We drive the sustainable use of water, energy and resources’.”

Andreas Brigl (Managing Director Altmühl-Jura GmbH and First Mayor of Markt Titting): ”Nothing works without water, water is life”

Andreas Brigl, Managing Director of Altmühl-Jura GmbH and First Mayor of Markt Titting, thanked HUBER for the invitation to the company's headquarters and highlighted the company's excellent reputation. On the focus topic of the event, he said: ”Nothing works without water, water is life. The effects of water scarcity and climate change are already being felt today. It is time to be careful with the most important resource we have. The goal must be to leave a livable environment for future generations.”

Great interest in the topic and the HUBER company

With the help of evaluation forms, the team of the Altmühl-Jura regional management, consisting of Silke Arnold and Natalie Breitmoser, who took over the moderation of the evening, evaluated the feedback from the visitors. ”The visitors were very interested in the topic of the evening and in the HUBER company,” says Natalie Breitmoser. ”They all gave very good ratings and would participate in an event of this format again at any time, which of course pleases us and shows the great interest in the topics of water, environment and sustainability.” 

The programme

  • „”Water in the Southern Franconian Alps in Times of Climate Change”
    Dipl.-Geologe Prof. Dr. Martin Trappe (Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)
  •  ”Climate – Water – What can we do here?”
    Stephan Daum (Ingolstadt Water Management Office for the district of Eichstätt)
    Manuel Philipp (Nuremberg Water Management Office for the district of Roth)
  • AKTION GRUNDWASSERSCHUTZ – Drinking Water for the Upper Palatinate
    Claudia Muhr (Government of the Upper Palatinate)
  • Presentation of HUBER SE
    Dr Johann Grienberger (Chief Technology Officer HUBER SE)
  • „ Networking talks
  •  Company tour of HUBER SE

The Altmühl-Jura region

The Altmühl-Jura region lives from the cooperation and joint collaboration of the twelve municipalities of Altmannstein, Beilngries, Berching, Breitenbrunn, Denkendorf, Dietfurt, Greding, Kinding, Kipfenberg, Mindelstetten, Titting and Walting in the three districts of Eichstätt, Roth and Neumarkt i.d.OPf. in the three administrative districts of Upper Bavaria, Central Franconia and Upper Palatinate. In 2008, the twelve member municipalities came together under the umbrella of Altmühl-Jura and have since realised numerous projects in intensive exchange in very different subject areas that are important for the region. For this purpose, the two funding instruments “Regional Management Bavaria” and “LEADER” are promoted in the joint office in Beilngries.