HUBER offers convincing key components for a tailor-made 4th treatment stage

Whether microscreening, pile fabric filtration or GAC adsorption

In recent years, hardly any other topic has been discussed more intensively than the introduction of the 4th treatment stage for the targeted removal of trace substances.

Even though there are currently no binding legal requirements in Germany, more and more municipalities and wastewater associations are now considering how this treatment stage could be implemented in the near future, taking into account all individual requirements and boundary conditions.

In addition to wastewater composition, space conditions and plant size, the existing plant technology and the discharge conditions at the wastewater treatment plants have the greatest influence on the choice of the optimal process.

GAC process consisting of HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK and HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® as police filter
PAC process ("Ulm process") with downstream HUBER Disc Filter RotaFilt® as polishing filter

It has become apparent over the past few years that both adsorption and ozone treatment can be used for the 4th treatment stage. HUBER offers various high-performance key components for all these process solutions.

The HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK is a reliable product for the removal of trace substances. Combined with the HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® as a microscreen, it forms an ideally matched process solution for the 4th treatment stage.

The HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK allows simple, modular retrofitting even on smaller wastewater treatment plants. It does not require complex carbon dosing technology and thus does not generate any dirt or dust load. Furthermore, no precautions for explosion protection are necessary and the granulated activated carbon used can be easily regenerated and reused.

The HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® is of outstanding importance as an upstream police filter, especially in processes with granulated activated carbon (GAC). It protects the high-quality activated carbon from contamination and thus ensures stable, low-maintenance plant operation in the long term. As a positive side effect, the HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® also almost completely removes microplastics still contained in the effluent.

For the so-called "Ulm process", the classical adsorption process with powdered activated carbon (PAC), HUBER has now added to its product portfolio the new HUBER Disc Filter RotaFilt®, a reliable, high-performance polishing filter. This filter is placed downstream of the adsorption stage and the sedimentation tank and, with its innovative pile fabric material, ensures an almost completely particle-free effluent.

The Ulm process itself is considered a very reliable, operationally safe process, especially for larger wastewater treatment plants, which gains additional attractiveness by exploiting various synergy effects (simultaneous phosphorus elimination, improved sludge dewatering).

Regardless of which process is ultimately chosen for the implementation of a fourth treatment stage: HUBER offers ideally matched, high-quality key components for all options.